Who We Are

We are the leaders in Car Cleaning in Logan. At B&S Mobile Detailing, we offer delicate and thorough car cleaning services in the Logan area, tailoring our services to the exact needs of each customer.

Our convenient mobile service takes the hassle out of car cleaning – we’ll come to you at a time that is convenient.

Exterior Detailing

Car paint can dull after a certain period of time, constantly being exposed to the elements. At B&S Detailing, we thoroughly polish and wax your vehicle, restoring the shine and lustre to your car’s appearance.

Interior Detailing

Our company places an equal amount of importance on your car’s interior, as well as its exterior.  We offer an extensive array of services, including detailed vacuuming throughout the entire vehicle, and thorough cleaning of car seats, the car floor, the passenger compartment of the car, dash area and all panels.

Our dedication to detail is evident in the finished product.

Personalised Service

We understand every car is distinct from another, so we offer an individual car cleaning service in the Logan area that’s second to none. Our experienced team of skilled professionals use only the finest tools and materials that won’t damage your car, and return it to its previous glory.

This guarantees clients complete satisfaction, reinstalling a sense of pride when you get back on the road.